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We are developing the first air e-taxi service in Bulgaria, with our initial destination in Sofia, at the base of Vitosha Mountain. Our goal is to introduce the first eco-friendly and free Mountain Rescue Service, utilizing electric ground and air transport. To achieve this, we joined the Working Group at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, responsible for the regulation and safe development of U-space in Bulgaria.

We are conducting a risk assessment of our first designated cell (Zone 7) in the #BuxtonHeights area, which includes Buxton, Pavlovo, Manastirski Livadi, and Boyana Residence. In this zone, we will develop a Concept of Operations (ConOps) for the 'Special Rescue Unit' association, exploring the possibility of becoming a candidate operator for U-Space Air Taxi Space. Our assessment covers air risk, infrastructure, complex operations, data collection, obstacles, and the use of drones, particularly for urgent monitoring operations in high-risk areas around Boyana Waterfall. We have completed the foundation of our five-story building on Bratya Buxton Blvd, which will house the Logistics Center in Sofia for the Special Rescue Unit, and we are preparing a site for an e-pad (eVTOL vertiports) nearby, meeting international spacing standards.


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We start with the Air Risk Assessment

We are pioneering the future of eVTOL technology and enhancing the efficiency of U-Space in Bulgaria, with our primary focus on improving rapid response for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, beginning at the base of Vitosha Mountain. By integrating cutting-edge electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, we aim to revolutionize emergency services, ensuring faster and more eco-friendly responses to critical situations.


To pioneer the future of eVTOL technology andU-Space in Bulgaria

Our initiative starts in Sofia, where we plan to demonstrate the effectiveness of this technology in a high-risk area known for accidents, like around the Boyana Waterfall. This project not only marks a significant advancement in rescue operations but also sets a precedent for the broader application of eVTOLs in urban air mobility, reinforcing Bulgaria's leadership in innovative transportation solutions.

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