Who is Dany?

Meet Daniel Yordanov, our Project Manager for web design and Photography. His role is to advise you correctly when building your corporate website or online store, to comply with your wishes, to follow the developments and to give the recipe for running a website with a unique design – no templates, no plagiarized elements copied without information. For this purpose it is necessary to have your own photographs and text written specifically for your website. On these two points he can also be helpful, as he is a  photographer and chooses carefully to each site and determines the content of the site as a structure, number of pages available to the design elements most easily used by the user. .. or a few words follow the entire process from the first conversation to the first request from your new website

Who is Gary?

Meet Gergana Tsvetkova, our Graphic and Web Designer. “I am happy to be part of GD styles and the ideas set out in its name. For more than 15 years in advertising I gained experience as a graphic and web designer, and as Master of printing. I have learned many secrets of the press to apply them in every project for maximum visual effect as purity color, suitable materials in contact, or other attractive solution. I strive for each project with its own life and character to catch the customer’s desire to give that spark in each of its advertising material or website. Therefore, carefully considering every detail combined with appropriate colors, letters, shapes, add feeling and … here’s your new advertising product – beautiful and impressive design made especially for you. This is my task – to care every step on this path to be smooth and to receive professional consultation for every service, proposed in our advertising studio

About the duo-teamDanyGery@950

We created the advertising studio GD styles, to create individual projects. Our ideas can be useful to people and they understand that quality and aesthetics are important to them, to impress the world and to win his confidence.