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12th Anniversary of Dubai Helishow

111th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson

Project Description

Brand awareness for semiotic recognition with the Dubai Helishow logo colors

For the Conceptual idea for a Limited Edition Book and Documentary film for the 12th Anniversary of DUBAI HELISHOW, captured on HD format, Kristoff will capture on film interesting images with Limited Edition cars and motorcycle  that are painted in black, white and organge colors.

At the Dubai Helishow 2016 Ivan Kristoff can present how he trains his emergency responders  to drive and ride in extreme conditions and crissis situations.

With students, he started filming the development of this concept and how emergency responders will train to achieve their goals…

Phase 1: filming 16 episodes for extreme and trailblazing training. Each episode will include 5 minute segments called “Extreme with friends”. The first episode will be introduction to the serial. The next episodes will be divided into three categories: Sea – Air – Land.


Project Details

  • Client

    E.X.T.R.E.M.E. TV Series

  • Skills

    • Design
    • Photography
    • Filming
Live PreviewE.X.T.R.E.M.E. TV scenario