The First HOT AIR BALLOOн Flight over Sofia

The M.A.R.S. project

Mid Air Rescue System embodies a series of initiatives symbolizing the modern quest for technological evolution. This project brings us closer to the new challenge for humanity: MARS. However, before reaching the stars and other planets, we humbly work step by step towards creating a safer future through improved safety and rescue systems.


Our primary focus is developing the Mid Air Rescue System (M.A.R.S.), and we are excited to announce our innovative approach to achieving success. In the vertical and aerial rescue world, traditionally dominated by men, we recognize and value the power, wisdom, knowledge, and creativity that brave and intelligent women bring to the table. We embrace this opportunity, support their contributions in every way possible, and look forward to sharing our experiences with the female side of the safety and rescue field.

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Shape What's Next with the New Generation. Pilots,professionals and volunteers will unfold new ways toshape the future of communications and in rescue.


Female Forum in the air

We are organizing a new forum for the New Generation of volunteer rescuers, where government officials, industry leaders, experts and volunteers share ideas, explore technologies and join forces to shape growth.

Through strong global partnerships with leading institutions, we aim to increase our capacity to address the challenges in Sea-Extreme-Air-Land rescue at any depths and heights and create new opportunities for emergency responders to benefit from a battle proven learning experience and mindset for the safer future.

Meet our team

We invite you to fly with us and support the MARS project for U-Space

Иван Кристоф

Филантроп и иноватор

Shape What's Next with the New Generation. With this project, pilots, professionals and volunteers will unfold new ways to shape the future of communications and in Search and rescue. he world's first FEMALE FORUM for SEA, AIR, LAND is a new concept of transportation security on land, water, and air. Similar to how U.S. Air Marshals and special agents provide security during flights, this idea can be developed and implemented in Bulgaria. It is an innovative starting point for developing the rescuer of the future.

Ivan is the founder of the Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T), the pioneer in volunteer high rise air rescue. He started the concept for the nonformal team, after the fatal construction accident on the St. Catharines Garden City Skyway, on June 8, 1993, in Canada, when four men were killed when the scaffolding on which they were standing came loose.

Ivan is considered one of the industry’s most influential volunteer Urban High Angle Rescue leaders and has been featured by various media outlets and publications including The Globe and mail, The Toronto Sun, The Toronto Star, Fox TV, Global News, CBC TV,CBC Radion, Daily Construction, City 24, CFTM TV, Reuters TV Bulgarian, Rusian and UAE media and TV stations.As a paragliding pilot, skydiver, aerial SAR Tech, and fan of the extreme sports, Ivan holds several world records in the air. Now he plans to raised money and awareness for the Specialized Rescue Association and the Special Operation Service (S.O.S.) Team, a non-profit organization. In 2024, ivan co-built what would become the world’s largest voluntreer Smart Homeoffice for the Recuer of the future, to train volunters for the Next Generation rescuers.


Eva Kikerezova

Bulgarian National TV Host

We invite professional pilots andjournalists, who want to fly with us to film from the air for the very first time the EXTREME TV episode above the beautiful scenery of Bulgaria and the World's Female Flying Forum in 2024.

Within the “Golden Medical Hour” we have put together an outdoor event that ntroduces the new concept of Embedded Extreme Journalists for those who want to be more prepared for the unknown and the constantly changing environment of coveringnews with the best visual perspective and communications.


Efemia Fard

Film Director and Producer

After the Records Committee of 'The Guinness Book of World Records' has reviewed the proposal for the longest descend by rope from a helicopter and found the idea to be very innovative, a lot of the Canadian, Bulgarian and International media expressed interest to follow up Ivan Kristoff on his Vertical Quest Project for New World Records in the Air. Now Ivan, aka Spiderman, plans to teach women to set new world records and World's Firsts.


The organizers of the new forum for the New Generation of female rescuers are creating a dynamic platform where government officials, industry leaders, experts, and volunteers can converge to share ideas, explore cutting-edge technologies, and collaborate to drive growth in the field of Search and Rescue. By forging robust global partnerships with leading institutions, they aim to enhance our collective capacity to tackle the challenges of Search and Rescue operations at any altitude, while opening up new avenues for emergency responders to gain from a proven learning experience and resilient mindset essential for a safer future. Additionally, the forum plans to craft a compelling narrative, storyline, and concept for an edutainment-based documentary, which will chronicle the 'Risk Equation' involved in the pioneering hot air balloon flight over Sofia, highlighting the innovative approaches and collaborative efforts essential in modern rescue missions.