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Brave New World for Promoting and Marketing of Aviation Shows

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Ivan Kristoff Communications - the different approach in PR and marketing

Our creative advertising makes a world of difference. We focus on innovative ideas that positively influence and shape the success of a brand and experiential marketing. We use the most effective ways to build a memorable experience with your brand and the target audience. We have created powerful connection for our clients and their brands in local and international markets and popularized our events in the international media


Effective promotion of an event is an all around process. We offer a full range of services and creative work for our clients by focusing on their needs and opportunity for business development.

Ivan Kristoff's Event Management experience includes working on international events across various categories: Helishows, Airshows, Property Management Expos, Safety and Security, Auto and Extreme Shows .

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Ivan Kristoff Communication Inc. is boutique marketing and sports sponsorship agency, with specialist skills in major event management, television & digital content production and professional expert endorsement programs.

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We provide high quality promotional and viral digital content, in-house photography/video & audio production facilities, scripting & creative design, editing and special effects, Television Series, etc.

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We provide creative advertising, media and PR execution, website and social media integration, corporate and personal communications, B2B networking and business development, sponsorship implementation, etc.

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Consulting, Marketiting, Advertising, Branding, PR and Creative Serivces for Rope Access and Aerial Rescue Projects


Ivan is not only physically fit and strong, but also has the mental strength to handle long, intense and stressful rope access Special Events and World Records for aerial/vertical operations. Ivan is product of an active, healthy and positive approach to life and overcoming adversity no matter the circumstances.


Ivan has endured the highs and lows in the extreme sports. He has passion for innovation and as a pioneer in his field, Ivan is more passionate than ever and will go beyond what is expected of him by your customers, partners and stakeholders.


Ivan’s vast world rally experience has taught him to know when to push and when to conserve, experience that can’t be taken lightly in the vertical and aerial world. Ivan refuses to be complacent however, embracing every opportunity for greater challenge, confident of achieving all goals through his unwavering passion.


InnoVAtioN is embedded in Ivan’s name. He will work closely with you across all aspects of this partnership intent on offering innovative experiences, new marketing strategies and new ways for your brand to target your key customers.


Ivan Kristoff’s profile skyrocketed in 1995 from the feature story of the “Toronto Sun” Newspaper in Canada. His amazing life story and corporate case studies that followed by Canon Canada Inc., Sony Ericson Canada and IBM Canada in their internal brochures, Newsletters and media coverage, was published consistently on numerous technical publications for computers and aviation. Soon the TV stations across North America, Europe and the Middle East followed Ivan’s success stories and public appearances.


Strong personal relationships, Fresh ideas and innovation, Honesty, openness and trust, Always exceeding expectations, Reliability and accountability, Passion and perfectionism

Introduction to InnoVAtioN

AerialRescue.com was launched into the marketplace on 16th August, 2012.

It will be modeled with the focus on providing expert up-to-the-minute coverage of innovation in aerial and vertical rescue in the
international arena.

Emergency personnel and rope access technicians  will have free access to the most comprehensive coverage ever provided, which concentrates on domestic issues as well as providing daily coverage of the major
achievements in the field of aerial and vertical rope access.

AerialRescue.com has already made introduction to the new MId Air Rope Acceess concept and impact on the market in a short space of time and will forge a reputation as being the go-to website for extreme aerial rope access coverage for breaking news.

At the first stage of the new designed website, AerialRescue.com is headed up by a PR and Communication team with more than 30 years of journalistic experience in the rope access and general vertical world.

Човека паяк ПР


The International Vertical Access Network is achieving new heights and is constantly growing

Effective Publicity that increases public awareness with the implementation of novelty and newsworthy causes through creative solutions, strategic planning, and promotional tactics interesting and attractive projects

Through our Creative Team, we make our in-house production of Newsletters, Magazines, Books, E.X.T.R.E.M.E. TV Series, and interesting story telling for the Media Mix

We can takes you on an aerial journey around the nestling four kilometers from the mouth of Dubai Creek. Meydan Hotel and Racecourse is the place where Ivan Kristoff was training for his Series of World Records.

Extreme Rope Access

Working on all aspects of Research and Analytics, Brand Recognition, Brand Enhancement and Love Branding, Intellectual Property Management, work with Brand Ambassadors, Advertising, Advertising, PR and Mass Communications

Creative Solutions, Graphic Design, Web Design, Printing, Video and Photographic services, Advertising Gifts

Managing high profile projects, executing with success some of the most difficult jobs, working with world’s leaders in IT and supported by the word’s top brands in equipment, Ivan Kristoff knows how to make innovative and attractive marketing campaigns for clients


Over the years Ivan Kristoff has amazed the public and media with his heart, character, achievements and good causes. Now he implements his experience, knowledge and support of friends and world leading corporations to go further...

fotonagore1Our network of  PR specialists, media partners and embedded journalist helps us in maintaining a good media coverage of  our events. Some of the latest coverage can be found at www.flickr.com/photos/ivankristoff


This is the first issue of Global Citizen Magazine.

In the article “Vertical Challenge”, February 2011, on page 56,57, 58 and 59, you will find out how “High-rise safety expert Ivan Kristoff rescues Middle Eastern market” and tests the new extreme line of Swiss Mad Watches and Nike Dry-fit line during an aerial rope rescue procedures.

“I was deeply impressed by the two Princes that I met and was honored to be in their presence”, says Ivan Kristoff in the article.

IvanKristoff4FortisMagazineIvan Kristoff writes and produces his own e-Newsletter Articles for the Helishow Magazine. You can read more about his other Newsletters, magazines and concepts at:




Meet Mark Mennie, our Dubai Helishow Photograper

Mark Mennie is our friend and professional photographer, who we can trust with his photography with our meetings with:

  • H.H. Shaikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
  • H.H. Shaikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
  • His Excellency Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, the UAE Minister of Economy visits Ivan Kristoff’s booths at the Dubai Helishow 2012
Meet Daniel Yordanov, our Project Manager
Даниел Йорданов
Проджект мениджър при изработката на уеб сайтове, фотограф
Създадохме рекламно студио GD styles, за да създаваме индивидуални проекти. Идеите ни да бъдат полезни на хората и те да разберат, че качеството и естетиката са важни за тях, за да се представят впечатляващо пред света и да спечелят доверието му.
Моята роля е да ви консултирам коректно при изграждането на Вашия фирмен уеб сайт или онлайн магазин, да се съобразя с желанията ви, да проследя световните тенденции и да дам рецептата за работещ уеб сайт с уникален дизайн – без темплейти, без плагиатствани елементи, без копирана информация. За целта е необходимо да имате собствени фотографии и текст, написан специално за вашия уеб сайт. По тези две точки също мога да ви бъда полезен, тъй като аз лично съм фотограф и избирам кадрите внимателно към всеки сайт, както и определям съдържанието на сайта като структура, брой страници, разположение на елементите от дизайна за най-лесно ползване от потребителя… или с няколко думи следя целия процес от първия ни разговор до първото запитване от Вашия нов уеб сайт.
Стъпките са лесни, когато имате добър “учител”, доверете ни се и се уверете в това.
Meet Gergana Tsvetkova, our Graphic an Web Desgner
Гергана Цветкова,
Полиграфист, графичен дизайнер, уеб дизайнер
Щастлива съм да съм част от GD styles и идеите, заложени в името му. За повече от 15 години в областта на рекламата съм натрупала опит и рутина, изградила съм се като графичен и уеб дизайнер, а като магистър по полиграфия съм научила много от тайните на печата, за да ги прилагам при всеки проект за максимален визуален ефект като чистота на цветовете, подходящи материали при допир или друго атрактивно решение.
Стремя се всеки проект да бъде със свой живот и собствен характер, да уловя копнежа на клиента и да предам тази искра във всеки негов рекламен материал или уеб сайт.
Затова внимателно се обмисля всеки детайл, съчетава се с подходящи цветове, букви, форми, добавя се чувство и… ето го Вашият нов рекламен продукт – красив, впечатляващ и с дизайн, направен специално за Вас. Това е моята задача – да се грижа всяка стъпка по този път да бъде безпроблемна и да получавате професинална обективна консултация за всяка услуга, предлагана от нашето рекламно студио.
GD styles
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An innovative marketing platform

Showcase your brand to stimulate business via an attractive and appealing marketing platform:

  • Showcase your products and services in aviation related events that attract the affluent market segment.
  • Boost your image while engaging your clients in an interactive and improvised technical demonstration during your event.
  • Solidify and create lasting business relationship in a memorable environment through a unique B2B hospitality platform.
  • A professional, creative and passionate team that supports Ivan Kristoff will help you promote further your marketing needs


Here are some of the technical support that our partners can receive during the show

Case study for the next Rope Access event at the Dubai Helishow

TV 7 with Ivan Kristoff, known as Spider-Man, presents Dubai Helishow

The Canadian Spiderman presents images of Dubai Helishow